Friday, January 20


Hello hello! Are u also interested in sport, fit and healthy body like I do? So I'm sure we gonna be friends ♥
Let me introduce myself: I am a 23 years olded girl who loooooves sport and adore being a part of this big sphere. I do love care about my skin as well (I'm a girl, okay?) and ofcourse holy grail MAKEUP. But you can look perfect - I mean your face and hair etc - but looking down some people can be clearly sad. So, if you want to impress everyone with your whole picture, with your whole personality - take care of your body too. And I don't mean you have to dieting all the time - No! Diets are killing our skin and hair (trust me). The best option you can do for your body shape is eat clear and workout with love!
Interested? So keep reading me here anf on my INSTAGRAM account. Also I will post videos to my Youtube Channel. And here on my blog I will mostly post tips and recipes, maybe some advices - we'll see :) So stay tuned to not to skip any updates.
Love yourself and transform into your best one!